Oracle APEX 21.2

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Profit From New Low-Code Features, RESTful Services, PL/SQL and JavaScript APIs Today!

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take advantage of the cool new features, but just don't have the time?

impress your users?

increase your productivity?

upgrade to the latest release and make sure that nothing breaks


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this is the guide for you. It is intended for Oracle APEX developers who want to understand the new features of Oracle APEX 21.2, so they can start using them in their projects right away. You should already have some practical experience with Oracle APEX and have a few applications in use. Some new features are easy to understand even for APEX newbies. To fully use other features, you need a deeper understanding of the technology.

Bonus Download

To illustrate the concepts, I use easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions in order to build rather simple use cases based on the new features. This will allow you to grasp the concepts without being overwhelmed by too many steps and details. It will give you a starting point to explore these new features.

Optionally, you can also download two bonus Sample Applications:

  • A simple sample application was created using the instructions in the book. This way, everything is already pre-built for you, and you can simply explore the final sample application.
  • A more sophisticated sample application was created, adding more use cases and additional information on how to leverage the new features effectively.

Save time exploring the pre-built samples.

See additional examples in action. 

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Code Downloads

Here you will find the required supporting files for the book.

The examples in the book are based on the well-known OEHR_* data model which is commonly used by Oracle Education.

Follow the instructions in the file Readme.txt to install and remove the required objects.

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