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KScope 2018 -slides available

I am currently still at the KScope 2018 conference in Orlando, hosted by ODTUG. This is THE premier conference for Oracle developers. Meeting my friends and learning all the new things while enjoying ourselves is really very rewarding. If YOU haven't been to KScope yet ... you should go! Just wanted to make my slides […]

Presenting at KScope can change your life

Back in 2008 I was invited by Scott Spendolini to speak about my experiences with Oracle APEX at the German telecom shops at the KScope conference in New Orleans. It was a truly great experience.  At that time the system I had built was one of the larger deployments of Oracle APEX known in the community […]

Repost: Clarification on Oracle XE licensing – really free for any usage?

This is a repost of my original blog post in 2012: http://daust.blogspot.de/2012/08/clarification-on-oracle-xe-licensing.html 1.11.2017: I have added two more clarifications regarding the use of virtual machines (VMs) and even Docker instances. Thankfully Gerald Venzl from Oracle helped me out here. 3.11.2017: Added another clarification regarding "your end customers would have to agree to the XE license agreement" (Thanks […]